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Duval Line

DUVAL is the dual-chamber furnace with high work performance .

It’s recommended for crematoriums that make many cremations per day. The first DUVAL furnace has been designed 20 years ago. Over the years, this line has been modernized: some elements of the structure has been changed and the equipment has been developed to meet the customer needs.






X-5/2 Line

These furnaces have 3 chambers and are equipped with 3 burners. There is cremation chamber, postcombustion chamber and heating chamber. The use of the third chamber extends the durability of the device and prolongs the operational time without the overhaul.







Merkur Line

These furnaces are designed for lower  number of cremations than Duval and X-5/2 line. 

It’s is suitable for areas with a population of 250 to 350 thousand inhabitants.It is also used as the first furnace in new crematories, which later plan to purchase another furnace when the number of cremations will grow.






Introduction systems

The introduction systems present the following basic features:

• Quick insertion – a few tens of seconds,

• Possibility of inserting bodies of weight up to 350 kg,

• Work with different types of coffins (cardboard, wood, rattan) and shrouds – depending on the system,

• Automatic or semi-automatic mode with electric motors (horizontal and vertical movement),

• 1-2 operators needed


Ash preparation equipment

After each cremation there are some remaining bone fragments that need to be processed. At the end of the cremation cycle, there is a cool down period and then pulverizing to a fine powder. It’s important to remember that if the cooling takes place outside the furnace, the proper ventilation system is needed because of gas emissions. The ashes can be cooled down as well on the special table (more urns or trays) by using the water or air flow.