Experience in crematorium design

In many countries site management plans are not very precise so an investor interested in constructing a crematorium faces the risk of unfavourable interpretation of land-use plan by local authorities. Many times, planning authorities try to refuse the permission and push that decision to other superior authorities or court. That creates delays for the investor and possible loss. In case of superior authorities or court the experience of the crematorium designer has a great importance. Lack of experience, some minor errors in documentation, that are not important in case of any other building, can lead to the refusal of construction permit for crematorium.

That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced crematorium designer, who knows where a danger is, how to avoid administrative “mines” in the process of getting the construction permit, which procedures are necessary, and what local officials can and cannot do or ask for.

It’s always important the scope of the project documentation when evaluating the price of the construction project. We offer a complete construction project, including the gas, water, sewage, electrical installations. Some of companies offer only the general architectural project. In that case the price of the project is lower but can cause protests of local residents at different stages of getting the final construction permit.