Design and Engineering Office

Few years ago, we noticed that our clients had problems with getting the construction permit for the crematorium. Around 80-90% administrative procedures are accompanied by local inhabitantsopposition or problems created by local authorities. That made us decide to help the investors in this field.

Our approach to the design process is comprehensive. We start with verification of the localization and risk estimation and we evaluate the possibility of getting the final construction permit for crematorium on a specific plot. We know that each construction plot requires a different strategy to get a construction permit in the shortest possible time. Time is money – also when constructing a crematorium: if your competitor from your region gets a construction permit for crematorium sooner and he builds it faster than you, your investment has a worse start as your competitor will get a better market share in cremation market.

Till today we obtained for our clients over a dozen of final construction permits for crematorium, what makes us the most experienced designer of crematoriums in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe.