New crematorium project in Sandomierz (Poland)


We are working on supply of a cremation line to a new crematorium in Sandomierz (Poland). The investment is made by the Funeral Centre Aleksander Stąpór – the biggest and most important funeral company in Sandomierz region, that provides high quality services for almost 25 years. The Funeral Centre Aleksander Stąpór offers funeral and stonemason services.

JML Funeris was responsible for preparing the construction project and obtaining the construction permits for the new funeral home and is responsible for getting all necessary environmental permits. The new designed building is already erected by the Investor. The new funeral home has a very good location near by a city cemetery.

The new cremation line Funeris ZERO will be assembled in Sandomierz funeral home. The cremation line will be equipped with an automatic introduction trolley, an advanced control system and a dust-free ash processor.

This is the first cremation furnace produced in Poland, that is based on advanced technologies in control and highest quality ceramics, that guarantees fast heating and long trouble-free operation. JML FUNERIS offers free of charge technical service during the guarantee period, operating 24 h per day, 7 days per week. Having in mind that the operation of cremation line is crucial for the funeral company with prompt and proffesional service to families, we offer a guaranteed 24 or 48 hours repair time (depending on the distance).

Funeris ZERO is the most innovative cremation furnace on the market.