Third crematorium in Koszalin (Poland) officially open


On 13th of January 2018 the official opening of a new crematorium in Koszalin took place. The new crematorium is owned by a public company and it’s located near by municipal cemetery in Koszalin. This is the third crematorium in Koszalin – a city with 100 thousand inhabitants.  It shows that the cremation line in a funeral company starts to be a standard in Poland. We can also see that the number of burials with cremation in Koszalin is systematically growing.

All 3 existing and working crematoriums in Koszalin were equipped with the cremation lines supplied by JML Funeris.

The newest crematorium is equipped with the furnace with the bigger cremation chamber supplied in Poland by now. Another novelty is the introduction trolley, that is fully automatic.

Besides, this is the first cremation furnace in Poland equipped with the new software Funeris ZERO, which thanks to a new control logic helps to shorten the cremation process, depending on the course of the cremation process.

Report from the official openinig:

Report in Głos Koszaliński

Film on Youtube