The leader of Cuban revolution has been cremated


Last Saturday, on 26th of November, Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuban revolution, has been cremated.


Fidel Castro died one day earlier, on 25th of November at 22:29 pm local time.

The cremation was a fulfilment of one of the wishes of El Comandante, who always outlined, he wanted that his body after death was incinerated. Cremation has been made in the cremation kiln supplied by Kalfrisa. Kalfrisa provided so far 7 cremation furnaces model Duval to Cuba.


Fidel was one of the few dictators from communist countries, which marked the did not want his remains were embalmed and didn’t want a mausoleum built for him.


Cuba is observing nine days of national mourning. Residents of Havana yesterday  (29/11/2016) could bid farewell to the deceased leader.

From 30.11 Fidel’s ashes will be transported throughout Cuba to Santiago de Cuba, where on December 4th  is scheduled ceremony to bury them in a historical cemetery of Santa Ifigenia. Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of the Cuban revolution. Fidel Castro was born in Biran, in the province of Holguin in the eastern part of the island.


Below a link to a page where you can follow the live coverage of the farewell ceremony of El Comandante.


Crematorium at the New Cemetery in Guanabacoa in Havana. In the background on the left chimney of Kalfrisa installation.