Installation of a new furnace in Mielec


During this week the assembly of cremation line is taking place in the Funeral Home EDEN in Mielec (Poland).
This is the first crematorium, which is built in this Polish city. Till now, the nearest crematorium is located in Stalowa Wola , so the customers and funeral companies had to travel from Mielec to Stalowa Wola around 70 km.

The Funeral Home EDEN is one of the biggest funeral company in Mielec. The company has been existing on the market since 1992. Until now the Funeral Home EDEN had its own chapel, cooling room, offices and a florist . After the investment in cremation line, an additional farewell room will be added to the existing facilities.
The whole project is carried out in order to increase the competitiveness of the company’s offer on the local market. In a few weeks, after launching the crematorium, the clients from Mielec and the surroundings will be able to participate in cremations in their own city.