JML Funeris in a conference organized by Polish Funeral Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Pogrzebowe) in Cracow.


On 10th March 2016 during a conference for Managers and Administrators of Cemeteries and Morticians organized by Polish Funeral Association, our representatives will have a pleasure to present a few lectures:
Where can you build a crematorium? Analysis of existing law according to construction works and environmental protection. Obtaining all the necessary permits and liabilities related to the use of environment and its reporting – topic presented by Maciej Labuś.

Your own crematorium as a source of competitive advantage and positioning of your company in the market. Analysis of real business cases. Making a business plan for such an investment – topic presented by Joanna Nalewajko.
Public procurement law and its application in funeral sector. Analysis of possible actions – topic presented by Aleksandra Zalewska-Wojtowicz.

Environmental protection in a funeral home – what are my responsibilities even if I don’t have a crematorium – topic presented by Kaja Mitas.

During the conference there will be a possibility to obtain information about public private partnership in a funeral sector. This is the form used in establishing a crematorium in Cracow that will be open for a visit on 11th March 2016.

We invite all the interested parties to take part in a conference.