Cremation furnace Funeris ZERO

Funeris ZERO means:

ZERO compromises – in design and construction – all chosen materials and components have long durability and low tendency to break down – no false economy.

ZERO problems – for the Investor, full automatic performance and adaptive control system allow to minimize the human error.

ZERO unnecessary attendance – only 1 person per shift is needed to run whole crematorium.

ZERO emissions – the furnace prepared also for the cremation of obese deceases.

ZERO unnecessary supervision – all furnaces Funeris ZERO are monitored remotely within the technical service contract and all detected errors in operation and potential breakdowns are registered in the database of symptoms and operational conditions.

ZERO downtime – our express technical service available 24h/day, 365 days/year allows to operate the crematorium without unnecessary breaks – repair time is minimalized.

funeris_Zero_1 funeris_Zero_2Funeris ZERO  is an innovative cremation furnace, making use of new technological and digital developments and based on our long experience in operating and servicing cremation lines. Our new furnace is equipped with the biggest postcombustion chamber on the market, what gives a high margin of security, reliability and safe performance, even when the obesed deceased are cremated. It’s also important its cost effectiveness – the furnace Funeris ZERO has additional chambers around the cremation chamber, which helps to accumulate the heat from the cremation process. Multi-layer thermal and accoustic insulation guarantees low fuel consumption.  The use of modulated bunrers as a standard, besides reduction of fuel consumption, allows to lower the fixed fee for a declared power of the connection to natural gas line, which can represent a high cost for small crematoriums.

Automatic control software, with special algorithms that detect the state of the process, allows to realize the cremation without the operator supervision and can reduce the cremation time up to 10-15 minutes. There is also an additional function “select type of cremation coffin” that makes operation easier, shortens cremation time and reduces the fuel consumption. Now, the operator, before the coffin introduction, selects the type of coffin and the programme automatically puts proper settings, adapted to the type of coffin. It can reduce the cremation time by up to 10 minutes and reduce the fuel consumption by 5%.

In the furnace there is a camera that allows to see the process in real time. This means that the operator can supervise the process from another room (remotely).

As a standard, we offer fully automatic introduction trolley, which allows fully automatic operation, but also with the manual mode. Automatic trolley, adapted to any kind of coffin, can be operated by a  person of small stature – man or woman.

Dust-free and attendance free ash processor can work with hot ashes, so it minimises the waiting time. The device separates automatically the metal parts, without any additional manipulation made by operator.

Indicative features of the cremation furnace Funeris ZERO:

  • fast heating-up
  • high heat accumulation
  • possibility to work 24 h/day
  • cremation time 70 – 90 min
  • one-person operation
  • prepared for natural gas, LPG or gas oil
  • oxygen probe as a standard
  • automatic introduction trolley as a standard
  • dust-free attendancefree hot ash processor as a standard
  • long guarantee as a standard
  • fast technical service (up to 48 h)  24/7/365