Successful automation of TABO coffin insertion systems


As we have already informed, our company has won a tender for the modernization of coffin insertion system delivered with TABO cremators (from Sweden) at the Northern Cemetery in Warsaw (Poland). The project was successfully completed.

This is the very first project of that kind in Poland and in Europe. There are similar automatic insertion systems like the one we offer with Funeris ZERO cremation furnace, the modification of existing TABO’s insertion system is a pioneering implementation.

Thanks to our own design, developed by the engineering department of JML Funeris, the control and movement of the insertion machines is possible in 3 modes: fully automatic (activated from a display on the machine or mounted on a wall), semi-automatic (where the operator will partially control the insertion process) and manual mode (in emergency situations).

Whole system is based on modern PLCs from Siemens. The insertion system is fed from UPS, which assures the safety of the process.

Our employees from the construction office, automation team and service engineers were involved in the project.

What is important, after the modernization of the equipment, it’s possible to insert any kind of coffin in a very safe and secure way. The software is prepared to program 3 different models of coffin (wooden, cardboard or wicker coffin). The insertion time and time when the door is open is minimized and the operator doesn’t need to stay close to the cremator. It significantly improves the operator’s safety.

Furthermore, the complete automatization of the insertion system allows to employ less people as furnace operator. Now, the insertion process can be done by one operator.

Together with the automatization of the insertion systems, the external appearance of the trolleys was renewed – inox housing has been assembled. That, together with the absence of operator next to the trolley during the insertion, makes the introduction moment elegant, while maintaining ethical standards.

The following video presents an introduction in automatic mode:

Some pictures: