New obligations for funeral homes and crematoriums – check if it refers to your company


The Law of 15th May 2015 on substances that deplete the ozon layer and certain fluorinated greenhouse gases, known as f-gases law, imposes new obligations on the operators of devices that include so-called refrigerant. The new law is a result of limiting by the European Union the greenhouse gases emission that includes fluorinated gases, which means HFC gases or f-gases. As a consequence, it will have bigger control over the devices that contain harmful substances.

According to the regulations adopted in mid-January to the abovementioned act, refrigerating, air conditioning and fire protection equipment and heat pumps must be registered in a special data base not later that till 14th March. This obligation refers to all the equipment, including refrigerators in funeral homes, that includes at least 3 kg of the controlled substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases. The registration shall be made electronically in Central Register for Operators of Devices and Fire Protection Systems (CRO), where so-called Device Card shall be established.
The new f-gases law requires the refrigerator operators, among others, to check whether the device is sealed and whether the repairs and maintenece services are made only by quilified staff with a proper certification.

Any person infringing the new legal requirements shall be fined from 600 to 3000 PLN.

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