The inauguration of the crematorium in Koszalin


The official inauguration of the new crematorium in Koszalin took place on 12th of May.

The facility is managed by Firma Wrotniewscy – a renowned family-owned company, that has been present on the funeral market for nearly a quarter of the century.

Firma Wrotniewscy is a perfect example of a success in the funeral business. Over the years, they have developed and gained reputation in the market , slowly expanding its facilities and also benefiting from the EU funds on several occasions.

Apart from a fully equipped mortuary that comprises two reception halls, the company also runs a restaurant (providing catering services during farewell ceremonies, as well as attending corporate events in Koszalin and the surrounding area). Now, they also manage a newly opened crematorium, fitted with all the necessary infrastructure and operating on Kalfrisa’ furnace, Merkur.

Merkur is suitable for the areas with a population of 250 – 350 thousand of residents. It is a durable, compact, environmentally friendly and fully automatic device. Its main feature, low fuel consumption during preheating and cremation, makes it economically viable to turn the furnace on for one cremation only.

The facility is designed to satisfy the needs of Koszalin and the neighboring locations.

The investment in the crematory line was co-financed by the West Pomeranian RPO program for 2007-2013.

Wrotniewscy address their offer both to the funeral houses and to individual clients . The company’s owners emphasize that they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that cremations on request are available anytime, day or night. Moreover, the drivers are welcome to use the on-site accommodation and restaurant, where they can enjoy free coffee or tea.

Each family that shall bid farewell to their loved ones is guaranteed an individual approach to the ceremony. The clients may place information about the deceased or post condolences on the company’s website. The citizens of Koszalin eagerly honour the memory of their relatives in such a way. Another novelty launched by the company is the opportunity to participate in the funeral online, on condition that the family has given its consent.

The versatility that combines  providing farewell, cremation and burial services in one day is what really distinguishes Wrotniewscy on the Polish market.